About Us

Trinity ICT is a specialist technology provider for the education and training sectors. We know that teachers are the most important part of making an outstanding school. Technology plays its part in helping to support those teachers with the right tools to deliver engaging and inspirational lessons.

Our aim is to help schools and teachers to deliver on their objectives and achieve excellence in education. We can take a school through a full deployment process.

Our Approach.

Trinity ICT believes that technology used in the right way is an excellent tool for teachers to help them engage pupils and inspire them to be involved in their learning journey.

We think it is essential that technology acquisitions are planned and considered. Often the hidden price of technology (Total Cost of Ownership) is the biggest burden on a schools budget. Technical support, maintenance and training should always be considered as part of the cost of any technology acquisition.

Our mission is to provide that full service. From advice on the right types of technology to professional installation and ongoing training and support.

When it comes to implementation we work closely with partners to be able to offer every aspect of ICT from the lamp in the projector to the network cables and software solutions. We will then come and carry out a full installation and commissioning to make sure the technology works from the moment the teacher switches it on.

Once installed we offer full technical support as well as a range of training courses to make sure that the teachers are confident with the technology and how they can use these tools in their classroom.

We understand that funding is tight and schools are under pressure to make sure that every penny they spend adds value. By working with our partners we have created innovative packages to provide cost effective solutions that can be fully tailored to the educational establishment’s requirements.