Our Christmas Gift

It’s that time of year and we are looking forward to the festive break as much as I am sure all the hard working teachers are.

We know that planning for the new year is probably a little far away in your minds right now but we wanted to make you a great Christmas bonus.

For every day of consultancy that is booked now, we will give you £300 off any technology purchase made through us! that means for every £400 you spend on consultancy we will give you £300 off any technology. That could be iPads, Interactive Whiteboards, PC’s or any of a wide range of software products.

Our consultancy service covers all areas of technology in schools. We work with you to identify areas that can be improved. It could be Parental Engagement, Websites, Back Office, Network Infrastructure or Classroom Technology.

You don’t need to book a date, just give us a call and we will credit your account with as many days of consultancy as you need.


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