SMART are one of the two leading providers of Interactive Whiteboards in the UK market. Their products have been developed as a touch input. The original product ranges used a resistive touch membrane to detect the touch. A clever pen tray enabled the user to pick a different colour pen and the software adjust. It works great if you remeber to put the pens back in the right tray slot.

The big selling point of the SMART solution is that you can use any object to touch the board. So even nursery children can quickly get using the board. The SMART software also supports some gesture inputs to make the software easier to use.

The newer technology uses a camera based solution to detect inputs. This means that they are able to identify multiple touches (4) but also identify the size of the touch and therefore the software can distinguish between a finger, pen and palm.

sb480_SMART400 Series

The entry level board from SMART. The 400 series is a cost effective interactive whiteboard that provides a basic single touch input. The 400 series comes in a single 77″ size.

600 Seriessb600_SMART

The 600 series are the standard range of interactive whiteboards. They feature a single touch/pen input. The range includes a 48″, 64″, 77″, 87″ and 94″ board. Additional speakers can be included as an option.

sb800_SMART800 Series

SMART’s answer to the multi touch generation. The 800 Series uses a number of cameras in the frame to detect touches. It can also identify up to 4 touches and distinguish the touches betwen a pen, finger or large area (like a palm).

The range includes a 77″ and 87″ board. Additional speakers can be included as an option.