The Forever Warranty

We are really excited by our innovative warranty service. After speaking with a number of schools we realised that contingency planning is one of their biggest constraints on investing in new equipment.

You simply never can tell when that projector or whiteboard might fail and then you have no choice but to spend.

So we came up with the answer!

The Forever Warranty does exactly what it says. You pay a monthly fee and we will repair or replace the equipment if it goes wrong.

Peace of mind!

It is a simple process. Either we carry out an audit or you provide us with a list of the products you would like protected. We provide a quote and then if you like the price we set a direct debit and your covered.

Fast Response

Our typical service will have the product fixed or replaced within the week. Our premium service will have the products collected and a temporary replacement up and running within 24 hours. Making sure of the minimum of disruption.

What can be covered?

Anything can be covered in the scheme. So your desktops, laptops, Boards, projectors, LRS devices, etc

What is not in the cover?

We tailor the solution but typically we will not cover the following

  • Accidental Damage
  • Personal Devices (not on the school balance sheet)
  • Misuse
  • Software
  • Damage caused by software virus/bug – Unless suitable Antivirus was installed

What Does it Cost?

We have worked hard to make this a cost effective solution.

For a standard model Interactive Whiteboard we will put it on the scheme for as little as

£10 per month!


Sign Us Up!

So we know you will love the service and the price. If you want to get signed up simply get in touch and we will contact you with further details and arrange a visit. You can also request our pdf brochure explaining the scheme in full.