ActivExpression – Advanced

Course Title: ActivExpression – Advanced


Teachers have always used questions and feedback in lessons to measure understanding and to guide learning. ActivExpression has been proven to make this process even more effective in the classroom. The flexibility of the system means that they can be used in a huge variety of ways by teachers to monitor progress, differentiate learning for students, stretch achievement, build confidence, engage and deliver immediate intervention to accelerate learning.

Independent studies of the devices and software have shown that increases in progress can be as high as 30% over an academic year. This course develops on the introduction course and focuses in more detail on how the devices can be used in different ways.

This advanced course has a number of practical elements where the participants will create their own content using the software.


  • A refresh, ActivExpression, ActivHub and ActiVote
  • ActivInspire
    • Different question types
    • Creating levelled question sets
    • Delivering feedback
    • Questions For Learning
  • PowerPoint and ActivOffice
    • Differences between ActivOffice and ActivInspire
    • Wonderwheel
  • Ideas for lessons
    • The school trip
    • Treasure Hunts
    • Reading
    • Science Experiments
  • Learning Clip
  • Ofsted, evidence and assessment
  • Pupil Premium and ActivExpression

Target Audience

  • Primary school
  • Teachers new to ActivExpression
  • Schools with ActivExpression wanting to learn new uses
  • Teachers/Heads looking to improve student attainment