iPad for Teachers

Course Title: iPad for Teachers


The iPad is fast becoming the must have tool in the classroom. It’s simple interface and vast range of apps makes it great for teachers and students.

This short course will build on our introduction course for iPads. It focuses on apps that allow teachers to plan, deliver and manage their lessons.


  • Gestures to control your iPad
  • Managing apps on your iPad
  • Email, Social Media and File sharing
  • Apple TV, AirServer, AirParrot, DisplaySync, Splashtop
  • Printing from your iPad
  • Planning and resource apps
  • Accessories for your iPad
  • BBC iPlayer, Youtube and other media resources

Target Audience

  • Primary school
  • Teachers new to iPads
  • Teachers using iPads in the classroom
  • Teachers/Heads planning iPads for the classroom

4th Feb – Sefton

26th Feb – Sefton