Tablets in the Classroom

Course Title: Tablets in the Classroom


This month the final major manufacturer announced they were ending netbook production. The tablet has taken over from the netbook and has become the must have student companion.

Are you considering tablets for your school? Have you been wondering about iPads but want to make sure that you get the best solution for your school? This short course is a great opportunity for you to learn all about Tablets, iPads, iOS, Android, Ice Cream Sandwich, Kindle, Nexus, Google, Surface, Convertibles and Windows! All will be revealed with simple clear explanations of the advantages and disadvantages for all the different choices.

We won’t be making the choice for you, but we will give you all the tools that you will need to make that choice confidently for your school.


  • What are tablets?
  • Apple, the iPad and iOS
    • iPad2, iPad and the iPad mini
    • iPad and Apple TV
    • Apps and the Apple ecosystem
  • Google
    • Ice Cream Sandwich and Android
  • Amazon and the Kindle Fire
  • Samsung and others
  • Microsoft and Windows 8
    • Windows 8 or Windows 8 RT
    • Apps on Windows 8
  • The key questions to ask

Target Audience

  • Primary and Secondary schools
  • Teachers wanting to learn about tablets
  • Teachers/Heads looking to purchase tablets